Door Mounted Security Window

Pass Through Security Transaction Window
Easi-Serv’s door mounted security window is designed to allow you to view visitors through a secure door with no compromises to security. It comes with a sliding steel panel on the inside of the window for privacy, can be retrofitted to steel doors and is easy to install.

Security Transaction Window Construction

The pass through security window is constructed from rugged 18 gauge sheet steel and finished in a mar resistant neutral grey. The security pass through window is constructed in two pieces that screw together on installation and is designed to fit doors with a thickness of between 1 3/4” and 2”.

The unit is double glazed with high impact resistant Lexan on the exterior and fire rated Georgian polished wire glass on the interior

Fire Resistant
The unit is 3/4 hour fire rated.

Black Anodized Aluminum copy

The pass through security window comes pre-taped to form a tight seal and prevent water infiltration.