Transporter Installation
and Warranty

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From design to installation, a Transporter system can be operational in as little as 4-6 weeks depending upon the complexity of the layout and seasonal peak demand periods. Site visits are rarely required, except for highly complex routes or difficult site configurations.

We highly recommend notifying Easi-Serv of your intention to include a Transporter system in the earliest design stages of construction to coordinate a smooth route design and installation of your system.


The system is designed for easy installation, trouble free operation and minimal maintenance requirements. The components are modular but configurable to suit any site or facility.


  • Modular track components ensure quick, trouble-free, onsite installations
  • Track is designed for easy installation and connection without the need for special brackets or welding.
  • Cars and wheels are made from a high performance plastic with built in lubricating properties, which means the system requires no further lubrication during operation or for maintenance.
  • Modular design of system ensures that maintenance is simple and repairs can be performed quickly to minimize downtime.
  • Regular maintenance requires simple inspections for dirt build-up, car and track wear and tear and motor draw (amperage)


The Transporter is covered by Easi-Serv’s 2 Year Limited Warranty which covers all components from the first day of installation.

For complete warranty information please refer to our Warranty policy listed below.

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