Patio Windscreen System

Easi-Serv’s Patio Windscreen system uses a versatile and proprietary designed post which provides complete flexibility in the layout and design of enclosed areas. The system is designed to be easy to assemble, install and cost effective for an aesthetically pleasing windscreen system suitable for patios, balconies, swimming pools or any areas that require fencing.

Patio posts for the system may be ordered separately or as a complete Patio wind screens system with glass for convenience. (Limitations may apply on glazing options and availability)

  • Our patio wind screens are easy to assemble and install
  • Clean, architecturally pleasant looking
  • Patio Posts have 8 glazing pockets allowing corners to be installed at any angle, including segmented curves without the need for custom posts
  • Glass is self supporting and does not require top or bottom support rails
  • Our patio wind screens are easy to install, during or after construction
  • Cost-effective installation
  • Our patio wind screens are Weatherproof with a low maintenance cost



Patio Post Measurements

When you are designing the layout of your Patio Windscreen you can use the following measurements as a guideline on the spacing between the posts and the heights of posts we are can provide for your project.

  • Spacing between posts: 60” – 72”
  • Standard post heights: 48”, 54”, 61”
  • Custom post height size range: 61” – 72”

Glass Measurements

Glass can be measured from centre to centre on the patio posts minus 2 ½”. The recommended height of the glass is the height of the post minus 7”; 1” for the top of the post to fit the post cap and 6” on the bottom for ground clearance.


Patio Wind Screens Finish

The standard finishes are available in clear anodized aluminum or black baked enamel. We also offer a selection of posts with powder coat finishes in custom colors. Talk to us about your custom requirements.








Glazing can be provided in a variety of options including colored tinting to suit your surroundings or frosting for a stylish and semi-transparent appearance. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements on patio wind screens panel glazing.

Patio Wind Screens Options

Gate Opening

A gate can be fitted with a swinging door with an easy to open chrome handle to allow easy access in and out of enclosed fenced in areas.

Post Extensions

Patio posts can be extended up to 61” in height to add lights or brackets for hanging flower baskets.




Outdoor Patio Wind Screens for Sale

The beauty of a glass Patio windscreen system is its ability to shield guests from the wind while still allowing them to enjoy the surrounding environment and the warmth of the sunlight on those gorgeous summer days! . We’re confident that having a glass fencing patio from Easi-Serv is the cost-effective solution your business will want for its outdoor spaces.

Outdoor patio wind screens are easy to assemble and install, as the patio posts have eight glazing pockets that allow corners to be installed at any angle. Our glass windscreen systems can be installed during or after the construction of a patio.

Compared to non-glass patio fences, glass patio windscreens contribute to the architecture’s overall aesthetically-pleasing and clean look with self-supporting glass. Using a glass windscreen system from Easi-Serv enhances the design of an outdoor space while still being cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Entire glass windscreen systems are available to order through Easi-Serv and the visual and financial benefits are plentiful. Request a quote today for an outdoor patio windscreen by filling out our online form.

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