What is the Transporter food conveyor system?

The Transporter is a food conveyor system designed to carry bags of food from the preparation area of a quick serve restaurant and automatically unload it at the point of sale. The system consists of a track suspended from the ceiling or attached to a wall with a continuous train of cars running through the track, driven by a small electric motor.The Transporter is a very unobtrusive system as it is suspended from the ceiling/wall so it does not use valuable floor space or get in the way of equipment and workers. The Transporter runs in a continuous loop and is an on-demand system, which means it only moves when a bag is in a clip.  The system can carry multiple bags at any one time, and can deliver a bag to the unload area every 10 seconds. It takes approximately 15 to 20 seconds for a bag to be loaded, travel along the system and be unloaded at the service location.

How many Transporters systems have been installed?

There have been over 500 Transporter systems installed in quick serve restaurants around the world.

Is there anything that the Transporter cannot carry?

As the system moves quickly, it is not practical to carry drinks unless they are in a beverage container with a secure lid that will not pop off.

How much weight can the Transporter carry?

The product clips are very strong with the ability to carry up to 10 lbs.  However, there tends to be a larger limitation with the strength of the paper bags used than the capabilities of the system itself. When the system is running at full speed, the centrifugal force and weight of the objects in the bag may cause the bag to fail as it swings around corners.

How do I order a Transporter?

That’s easy! First, we ask that you tell us a little about the project, what you’re trying to achieve and information about your facility. Provide diagrams, pictures and a set of plans of the restaurant facility where the system will be installed- please include identification of where all walls, doors, windows and kitchen equipment are located. Also, identify where you would like to place the load/unload areas.  We will develop a preliminary layout and quote for your system.When you decide to move ahead and all details have been finalized, a revised design and quote may be provided. Site visits are rarely required, except with highly complex installations. The system will then be manufactured and shipped to your facility within 4-5 weeks of ordering and can be installed in 2-5 days from start to system commissioning.

How quickly does the Transporter pay for itself?

Many of our customers have seen an ROI measured in as little as a few months to a few years depending upon the application, system cost, increase in sales or reduced restaurant operation costs. See How the Transporter Can Help Grow a Restaurant’s Bottom Line for more information.

How do I know if the Transporter will fit my facility?

The Transporter is modular built but tailor designed to fit any facility. We design the system to move in any direction or bend to any corner to make the unit suitable for our customers.

How long does it take for food to be delivered from the kitchen to POS using The Transporter?

The time of delivery will vary depending upon the length and complexity of the track.If a system runs at approximately 5ft to 6ft per second and the average length of track from the load to unloading point ranges from 50-80ft, then the average delivery time would be approximately 15-20 seconds.

How is the food carried?

The food can be carried with varying options. The most popular option is a secure product clip system which ensures the product will never fall out.The bag and clip system carries the food laterally from one floor to another in an Easi-Serv supplied bag suspended by a hook that is secured to the systems car in the track.

What is the warranty on the Transporter?

The Transporter includes a 2 year limited warranty. See our Warranty information for more details.

How much power does the Transporter use?

The Transporter requires very little power – a short system with a single motor uses around 200 watts while a longer system with two motors will use up to 400 watts.

What do I do about service and maintenance?

The Transporter requires very little preventative maintenance and will never require lubrication. A routine maintenance schedule may vary depending upon the frequency of use and length of the track but general guidelines include:

  • Regular system cleaning (Monthly)
  • Product clips checked for any built up paper fragments (Monthly)
  • Motor inspection (Every 6 months)
  • Motor brush replacement (Annual)

We have a network of service technicians that can assist with maintenance and repairs. However, the system is modular so many parts can also be quickly replaced by any service technician with minimal knowledge of the system. Contact us for all of your service requirements.

How do I obtain spare parts?

The Transporter comes with a spare parts kit which consists of a spare motor, electronics control board, product clips and cars.Other parts can be dispatched by courier within 24 hours from our head office in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. We also have authorized service agents in regions around the world who carry an additional parts inventory.

How much does the Transporter cost?

Since the Transporter is a custom-fit solution, the equipment and installation costs will vary depending upon route complexity and length. Contact us to provide more information on your project details and a free quote and assessment.