How to Order your Complete Easi-Serv Patio Windscreen System

Here a step-by-step guide and some best practices to keep in mind on the best way to order our complete Patio Windscreen system- it’s quick, easy and looks great to for any glass fencing requirements.


1. Determine your Patio Windscreen layout.
The posts may be placed up to 72” inches apart with a post height between 61”–72”.
If you will be ordering a swinging entrance door the posts will need to be fitted 3ft 6” apart centre-to-centre and is made to fit 48” high patio posts.

2. Order the appropriate number of patio posts.

3. Install the patio posts
Complete installation instructions for the patio windscreen is provided below.

4. Measure the appropriate length between each patio post and determine the correct sizes required for the glass. For the correct length measure from centre-to-centre on the posts and deduct 2.5”.
The height of the glass can be custom but as a general guideline we recommend taking the height of the post and deducting 7”; 6”
for the distance between the base plate of the stanchion and the bottom of the glass and 1” to fit the cap on top of the patio post. The glass should be ½” thick and tempered.

5. Order glazing for the patio posts.

6. Install glazing between the patio posts.
Patio Windscreen System – Installation Instructions