How to Increase Your Competitive Advantage With The Transporter

Finding sites for new restaurant locations can be timely, difficult and expensive! Using the Transporter, restaurants can gain access to new site locations and customers otherwise not feasible. Here’s a few examples of how our customers have used the Transporter to increase their competitive advantage.

Enable Real Estate Development

Real estate is incredibly competitive and expensive- especially for rival restaurants contending for the same spaces in high traffic, metropolitan areas. Additionally, restaurants are often constrained to a building layout or size that limits their ability to adequately serve customers.The Transporter food conveyor system provides restaurant developers and architects a unique and flexible solution that enables access to locations that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Real Estate Development

Using the transporter, a restaurant can develop a creative use of space and facility configurations that can locate a kitchen far away, on another floor or even in a separate building from the point of customer service. This allows restaurants to become more agile in accommodating to building layouts and constraints that simultaneously offer great exposure and access to customers in high traffic areas.

A restaurant’s kitchen, point of sale and dining areas could all be potentially located in separate areas of the same building to optimize the available space, customer experience and operational costs.  The point of sale can be placed on the ground floor with high customer traffic to increase revenue while a dining area can be located in another area that is more suitable for a proper customer experience or is a less expensive real estate option. There are endless opportunities to assist the development of ideal real estate options that will best serve the restaurant and its customers.

Enhance Custoemr Experience

Enhance Customer Experiences

Customers increasingly want easier and more convenient access to restaurants. The Transporter can enable the installment of kiosks remote from the kitchen or provide a second kiosk that enhances customer access and order processing.

Restaurants can maximize street level exposure with local presence to high traffic areas while having their dining areas expanded or situated in a quieter area to suit a more enjoyable dining experience.

Restaurants can now serve high traffic areas with a kitchen continuously feeding orders to nearby, but separate kiosks. The kiosks may have access to different traffic patterns or may serve to hasten order processing times with two areas serving high demand areas.

Another application is when the Transporter is used for second drive-thru lanes. Drive-thru lanes account for as much as 75% of a QSR’s revenue and as timers to measure the speed of order delivery become more widely adopted, the incorporation of solutions that improve the efficiency that orders can be taken/delivered is becoming a top priority. The addition of a second lane can assist the timely delivery of service for customers and double a restaurants drive thru volume.

The Transporter can also serve as an exciting restaurant attraction for grown-ups and kids alike. In select locations the kitchen and POS / kiosk may be on either side of a dining area allowing the food to be carried through a customer seating area in an enclosed window casing, creating a fun and entertaining centre of attraction.

Extend Business Opportunities

As a result of enabling creative real estate development and enhancing customer experiences, the means to increase revenue while reducing operational or real estate costs can be realized.

The solution can be used to reduce the overall size of the restaurant footprint and operational costs while utilizing customer access and high sales volume to optimize profitability.

Extend Business Opportunities

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Easi-Serv’s Transporter System enables real estate development, enhances customer experiences and extends business growth to improve profitability, market penetration and a restaurant’s competitive advantage.