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The Advantages of Vertical Drive-Thru Windows

  We see them often in the food service industry. Vertical slider windows are commonly used in drive-throughs, interior walk-up windows for customers, and even employee-to-employee interaction in restaurants. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be customized for the differing and unique demands of each particular business. What one restaurant or

How to Choose a Drive Thru Window

Drive-thru windows are a staple for businesses that want to serve customers quickly and efficiently. Instead of requiring a customer to find a parking space, walk into the business, be served, then walk all the way back to their car; it’s simply easier and more effective with pass thru windows. Customers can remain in their

The Different Vertical Sliding Windows and When to Use Them

In some situations, the need for a window calls for something other than a horizontal-sliding window. Vertical sliding windows provide an innovative and aesthetically-pleasing design for pass-through and customer-serving applications. They’re great when you have a small width to squeeze in a pass through window or maximize the width of the vertical slider window for

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