Food Carrying Conveyor Systems


The Transporter is a continuous loop overhead conveyor system that runs at high speed, designed specifically for carrying food from a load point to a remote unload point in a quick serve restaurant. The Transporter enables the agile design of restaurant layouts by providing an option to detach the kitchen from the point of sale, improve the speed which food can be delivered and reduce real estate or operational costs.


  • Rapid & Hygienic
  • Modular System
  • Designed to Fit
    Any Facility
  • Lightweight Track
  • Product Clip or Bag & Hook
    Carrying System Available

Benefits & Applications

The Transporter can be used for a multitude of layouts and applications suited to the restaurants individual goals including;

  • Move kitchens to other floors to optimize ground floor space for customer dining / parking or minimize real estate costs
  • Improve access to customers with secondary points of sale such as pop-up kiosks in metropolitan areas or drive-thru lanes
  • Fit into difficult site configurations in expensive and highly competitive real estate markets
  • Provide centralized kitchen areas to sister brands with separate points of sale
  • Reduce additional personnel in the kitchen

Using a flexible layout restaurants can enjoy improved sales revenue and access to customers, faster order processing or discover a way to minimize operating costs. The options are endless on how the system could be used.

Additional Drive-Thru Lanes

Kitchens that can be Relocated to Other Floors or Basements

Kiosks or Multiple Service Counters for Convenient Customer Access

Expanded or Relocated Dining Areas to Accomodate Space Requirements

enable, enhance, extend


Develop flexible restaurant layouts for any situation.


Provide fast and convenient access to customers with additional kiosks, points of sale or drive thru lanes.


Develop restaurants in crowded cities with expensive and limited real estate options.

how it works

The system can be customized to suit the unique requirements of each project and it can be configured to move your product in any direction, horizontally or vertically. The system can move around corners, between floors, around obstructions, over drive though lanes and through walls. The track system is typically suspended under the ceiling or sometimes can be run in enclosures above the ceiling. Food is carried in bags from a loading point to a delivery point where it is automatically unloaded from the system.

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