Easi-Serv Window Warranty

5 years warenty

Easi-Serv is proud to offer the most extensive warranty available in the industry for pass-thru windows. We build our products to the highest possible standards and all of our products are inspected, thoroughly tested and adjusted for use prior to leaving the factory. We recognize that occasionally problems can occur with any new product so we provide our customers with a 5 year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. All warranties commence from the date of installation.

What Your Warranty Covers

Components Warranty Covers Specific  Exclusions How Long Does The Coverage Last?
Frame and Glazing Any manufacturing defects in the aluminum framing, aluminum finish (including anodizing, powder coating or painting); glazing or insulated glass seals. Broken glass, damage to frame or finish during installation.  Scratches in finish caused during use. Sixty (60) months
Mechanical Parts


Any manufacturing defects in the mechanical components, including but not limited to locks and pulleys. Damage caused by window jamming due to accumulated dirt, debris or ice. Sixty (60) months
Electronics and Motors Any manufacturing defects in the circuit boards, transformers, sensors, electric motors and switch components. Damage from unstable power supply, brownouts, surges and electrical noise. Twelve (12) months

How to get warranty service for your product?

If there is an issue with your window, please contact Easi-Serv or the distributor from whom you bought the window for warranty service. When contacting Easi-Serv or your distributor, please provide your product serial number, date of installation (if known) and the nature of the problem.  If contact with the distributor is not feasible, please contact Easi-Serv directly for further assistance. All warranty claims should be supported by documenting evidence that the problem is caused by a manufacturing defect or error.

Please note all warranty work must be performed by an authorized Easi-Serv service representative.

Easi-Serv – 5 Year Window Warranty