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Designer, Manufacturer of Food Order Transport Systems

Helps Operators in Challenging Building Formats

March 9, 2015 (Burnaby, BC, CANADA) We are pleased to announce that Easi-Serv Products Inc has been acquired by Franke Foodservice Systems of Smyrna, TN. This strategic move is intended to strengthen Easi-Serv's product offering by leveraging Franke's worldwide presence and manufacturing, whilst providing Franke with a broader range of products.

" We are very excited to join the Franke Group", said Peter Franklin, Vice President and General Manager of the Company. "Franke is an exceptional Company that will provide the Easi-Serv brand with a significantly stronger presence around the world. In addition, Franke has world class manufacturing facilities in the USA, China and Poland that can help bring economies of scale to our product manufacturing."

The acquisition broadens the portfolio of products that Franke is able to offer its customers in the global foodservice industry," says Thomas Campion, CEO of the Foodservice Systems Division. "It gives us access to some new markets and customers that are served by Easi-Serv today. Meanwhile, we can provide the Easi-Serv brand a broader global presence in North America, Europe and Asia."

Easi-Serv will continue to operate out of its current Canadian facility, and will be branded as "Easi-Serv, a Franke Company". The present management team, under the leadership of Peter Franklin, will remain in place. Service and support for the Company's products will continue to be provided by the existing service companies around the world.

About Easi-Serv
Easi-Serv was founded in 1987 and designs and manufactures unique conveyor systems that transport restaurant food orders from the preparation area to a remote point of sale, speeding customer service and saving labor. Easi-Serv also manufactures drive-through windows primarily for quick-service restaurants.

The food order transporter systems have gained notice in Europe and Asia, where the technology makes restaurant development possible in urban centers – in particular, in locations where it is not economically viable to build adjacent kitchens and front counters; or where adding a remote service counter or kiosks would boost food sales. Easi-Serv facilities are located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

About Franke
Franke Foodservice Systems is the world's leading provider of comprehensive systems and services for the global foodservice industry. Franke employs more than 1,200 associates worldwide and provides a wide variety of equipment and supplies to all types of foodservice operators. It is part of the Franke Group which is owned by Franke Holding AG of Aarburg, Switzerland. Franke Group is engaged in a wide range of activities, serving both consumers and businesses, through 72 subsidiaries located in 37 countries. Franke Foodservice Systems is headquartered in Smyrna, TN.  

Easi-Serv Contact                        Franke Sales Contact                           Franke Marketing Contact
Brian Hanson                                                           Terry A. Hoelle, CFSP                                                            Holly Murphy
Marketing Coordinator                                          VP of Sales and Marketing                                                   Marketing Specialist
1.604.422.8611 Ext.102                                        Office: 615.462.4300                                                            Office: 615.462.4377                                  
brian.hanson@easi-serv.com                                 terry.hoelle@franke.com                                                      holly.murphy@franke.com



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